The role of technology for the valorization of workers

Operational workers should not be left out when talking about innovation and technology.

It is not uncommon to see companies insisting on leaving the factory floor aside when innovation and technology strategies come into play. However, this can be a serious mistake on the part of the CEO and his managers, who end up missing the opportunity to use technology to value workers and, thus, make the work of these professionals more efficient and in line with the company’s values.

This is because, contrary to what many still believe, the use of digital technologies does not impair productivity or distract employees — on the contrary! work on routine tasks and, consequently, improves the quality of work and the satisfaction of employees and customers. In today’s article, we’re going to explore how this is possible!

Truth be told, technology can contribute to valuing operational workers in several ways. First, by using digital tools to streamline routine processes, workers can have more time to focus on tasks that require more skill and technical knowledge, allowing them to feel more valued and motivated about their work.

In addition, the use of technology can make work more attractive to new employees and trainees, especially those who are younger and used to technology in their personal lives. By using digital tools in their daily tasks, these young professionals can feel more engaged and connected with the work environment, increasing talent retention.

Not to mention that, by implementing digital technologies in the production environment, the company also has increased transparency and improved communication between teams. After all, with the use of digital tools, communication between workers and their supervisors can become easier and more agile, allowing them to receive feedback more quickly and make adjustments to their work more efficiently. This can be especially useful in work environments with many employees, where communication is often challenging, for example.


But how can this movement increase the company’s productivity?

People explain. The impact of digital technologies on worker safety and factory productivity is another very important aspect to be considered, since, with the use of digital tools, workers can have access to more advanced safety equipment and more accurate information about risks and precautions, which can help prevent accidents and injuries.

Additionally, technology can be used to monitor and evaluate the performance of these workers and their teams, allowing supervisors to identify areas for improvement and provide additional training or capacity building. This can increase plant productivity while improving the quality of individual work and collective worker safety.

Another way that technology can improve people’s safety in the workplace is by automating dangerous and repetitive tasks, which can be performed by machines or robots. In practice, this is already used in many companies to reduce workers’ exposure to hazards and injuries, as well as to increase overall work efficiency.

Finally, leaving the factory floor environment a little, it is also important to highlight that technology can be a great ally for maintaining the competitiveness of companies, especially in an increasingly globalized and digital market. This is because, by investing in digital tools to improve work efficiency, more than increasing productivity and reducing costs, the company also starts to offer higher quality products and services at more competitive prices.


Opinions may vary, but numbers don’t lie!

Statistical data show that technology has a significant impact on the safety and efficiency of the work environment. For example, according to the US National Association of Manufacturers, the use of digital technologies in factories and warehouses can increase productivity by 3 to 5 times per employee and, more generally, reduce costs by up to 30% per year.

In addition, as we explained earlier, it is already a consolidated fact that technology can actively contribute to safety in the workplace. This information has even gained strength in recent years after the International Labor Organization released a study pointing out that automation technology was capable of helping to reduce worker exposure to dangerous environments, such as in mines or chemical industries, reducing the number annual number of accidents at work in 100 to 40 cases in each group of thousand employees.

However, despite the technology’s obvious benefits, many companies are still reluctant to fully embrace it in the workplace, especially in operational tasks. Some believe that technology can hurt worker productivity or distract them from their tasks, but this is a misconception. In fact, technology can increase worker efficiency, allowing them to perform routine tasks faster and more accurately, freeing up time to focus on more complex, higher-value activities.


And at Novidá, the operational worker has his place guaranteed!

Here at Novidá, we believe that the operational worker deserves their place in the digital revolution, so we offer cutting-edge technology solutions to help them become familiar with digital processes and improve their efficiency at work.

With our platform, workers have access to KPIs and productivity metrics in real time, allowing them to monitor their own performance and identify areas for improvement. Not only does this increase work productivity, but it also adds value to the worker by providing him with accurate and relevant information for his work.

In addition, our staffing solutions help managers quickly identify and escalate work resources to the most pressing activities, making the process more efficient and preventing some employees from becoming overloaded. All this with software and systems that are easy to integrate and implement, ensuring that companies adopt technology without disrupting their existing processes and without negatively affecting staff productivity.

This is how Novidá works: we are committed to helping companies adopt digital technologies and value their operational workers, offering advanced and easy-to-use solutions. We believe that the future of work is digital and that all workers should have the opportunity to make the most of the opportunities offered by technology. Come and learn more about Novidá and find out how we can help your company become more productive and efficient!

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