We are a RHTech startup for automatic supervision of tperational teams, by monitoring the microlocation of employees and internal equipment within the work environment, in real time.


For this, we use the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and precision tracking (integrated outdoor + indoor).


Launched in 2016, we aim to help companies transform process management through technology. Thus, our product guarantees managers in different areas greater control over their business, reliable and automatic.

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Assist in understanding the entire production process by evolving teams and mobile equipment, providing real-time location within the business environment. In addition, our system uses artificial intelligence to learn how processes work and make the best decisions automatically.


Thus, opportunities for continuous improvement, training and development of employees are created, agility in operational decision making, guarantee of labor rights, among other benefits.


Bringing real data to the physical world through the Internet of Things, we want to increase the quality, efficiency and safety of the production processes, guaranteeing a lean and efficient operation to the customer.


The integrated Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence is Novidá’s SECRET SAUCE for bringing all these benefits. Simply, easily implemented, and with a high-power and agility in decision making process

Como funciona
In factories, warehouse operation, services and facilities sector, constructions, outsourced services management or any other environment where active operational supervision is crucial for the operational improvement and profitability of the business!


In 2019, they were elected the best Brazilian startup with practical application of IoT, in a vote of large corporations on 100 OpenStartups.


In 2020 we are going even further! Elected as one of the TOP 100 GLOBAL STARTUPS with management solutions for the “new normal” – the only one in Latin America – by the Plug and Play accelerator, from Silicon Valley! In addition, we were among the 10 startups from all over the Americas chosen for the international acceleration program of the largest accelerator in the world, 500 Startups.

Nossa missão


We want to go further!

Our mission is to be a world reference in process intelligence, involving operational teams, through technology! For this, we want to empower supervisors and managers, simplifying assertive decision making in operations, with a focus on increasing business profitability!

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São Paulo / SP / Brazil