Novidá helps companies to metrify the productivity and allocation of operational teams in their daily routines.

Our cloud platform is automatically powered by data from 100%plug and play IoT sensors that, combined with auditable checklists and internal communication applications, operator interaction and on-the-job training, carrying a mobile portable workstation, allows for assertive and reliable guided decisions. to reduce waste and increase the productivity of its management

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Assist in the understanding of the entire production process involving teams, providing real-time location within the business environment, helping companies and operators to raise the bar of their productivity


Transform the reality of operational work in companies, giving protagonism to the operator, efficiency in their functions and greater clarity about the processes and their execution, through reliable and automatic indicators of times and movements.


  • Representativeness
  • Inclusion
  • Customer focus
  • Sustainable results
  • Shareholder value


The integrated Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence is Novidá’s great secret for generating impactful results.

Simple, easy to implement and with high decision power and agility of your indicators

At the factory, in the logistics operation, in the services and facilities sector, in construction, in the management of outsourced services or in any other environment where active operational supervision of the teams is crucial for the operational improvement and profitability of the business!


We are a worldwide recognized Startup. Accelerated in 2020 by the world’s leading Accelerator, 500 Global. In addition to being recognized as one of the top 100 startups in the world to support companies in the post pandemic by the Global Plug and Play Accelerator.

In Brazil, we are constantly awarded as the main solutions for the B2B market by various rankings such as 100 Startups to Watch and 100OS. We were also elected as the main solution using Artificial Intelligence for the industrial market by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations of Brazil (MCTIC).

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To be a reference in process intelligence for operational teams, through technology!

For this, we want to empower the entire operational chain, simplifying decision-making with a focus on increasing profitability and including the role of the operator!

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