Internal Vehicles Module

Managing internal logistics in any company is a big challenge!


But with the Vehicles Module, all allocation and waste information involving your internal fleet is generated automatically, in a powerful and easy-to-install platform that will transform the way you manage today!

Many already trust in the power of management

Your intralogistics management at maximum performance

After all, in the course of everyday life, you are either dealing with various specific situations in the operation, with little time for the strategic, or you are hostage to complex tools to use and make decisions such as MES systems, corporate ERPs, endless spreadsheets and punctual controls checkpoint.


But your work life doesn’t have to be like that anymore!

Módulo Veículos


with 100% automatic KPIs

Management in sight

Real-time visibility with KPIs that help you take assertive actions in real time

heat map

Understand the bottlenecks of your process in a visual and direct way for decision making

Spaghetti diagram

Patterns and volume of moves are analyzed in detail. Understand the reality of your process!

Management Cockpit

An integrated management center on a single screen that helps you have full control of everything!

Custom alerts

Customize business rules that you need to be notified of right away, such as rotation, location violations, etc.

Business Intelligence

We turn automatic and comprehensive reading of operational KPIs into your intelligence and management center

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Between 10 and 25 Internal Vehicles
$ 105 By Internal Vehicle
  • Automatic Reports
  • Real Time Indicators
  • All Inclusive


Between 30 and 50 Internal Vehicles
$ 102 By Internal Vehicle
  • Automatic Reports
  • Real Time Indicators
  • All Inclusive


Between 55 and 99 Internal Vehicles
$ 99 By Internal Vehicle
  • Automatic Reports
  • Real Time Indicators
  • All Inclusive


100+ Internal Vehicles
On Request get in touch
  • Automatic Reports
  • Real Time Indicators
  • All Inclusive

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