Staff Management: Do you know how your employees move?

Staff Management

When we talk about staff management, topics such as task delegation, team structuring and internal communication immediately come to mind. These are fundamental issues in people management and require flexibility from the professionals involved. However, we rarely remember another factor that can make a difference: the movement of employees.

A manager who leads a large team in a large space has crucial challenges related to moving people around. Whether in an industry, a logistics company or even a hospital, there is a constant displacement of employees that needs to be understood and analyzed.

But after all, what are the advantages of knowing the path taken by each employee throughout the workday? Fundamentally, we are talking about process optimization. We will discuss below some interesting insights that can be observed through the analysis of the movement of employees.


Route optimization

Imagine a large factory where the worker daily goes from point A to point C, passing through point B. By being aware of this displacement, the manager can seek alternatives to eliminate the need for this employee to go through point B. In this way, he saves time and can Be more productive in your tasks.

Another possible situation is the crossing of routes. Having complete control over the movement of employees, the manager prevents two or more people from taking the same route throughout the day, unless the task really requires more than one worker.


Task distribution

By identifying situations like this of crossed routes, the manager can reallocate employees to other more needy sectors within the operation.

the own workers’ journey should guide which areas demand more people. Observing the movement of his employees, the manager can see that some of them spend a lot of time in a single area. This could be an indication of a bottleneck in the production process, for example.



Time control

Knowing exactly which employees are working which shifts can help managers better understand their business. Having this control is even important to avoid labor problems, since by law the worker must have an interval of at least 11 hours between one shift and another.

Without controlling this movement of people, especially considering businesses that operate 24 hours a day, processes can be harmed.



Understanding of processes

With good staff management and analysis of employee movement, the manager automatically gains a greater understanding of his business processes. After all, he starts to understand the sequence of activities that each employee performs, identifies which are the sectors with the greatest demand, observes the main bottlenecks and, with a good analysis, manages to find opportunities for improvement.

In this way, he has much more control over his operation and no longer guides his decisions based on intuition or data that may not be accurate due to human error.



Technology for staff monitoring

By now you should have understood the importance of collecting information about the worker’s journey within the business. But how to have this control?

Certainly, it is something impossible to put into practice manually. A manager cannot supervise the displacement of hundreds of employees. However, technology can be of great help in this regard.

Precision geolocation systems like Novidá’s are able to bring this data in real time. To do so, simply place tags (beacons) on employee badges and sensors at the location to be monitored. These tags emit bluetooth signals that are received by the sensors, encoded by their own algorithms and determine the location of each employee.

In this way, the manager has in the palm of his hands information about the entire workday of his employees and can make more assertive decisions in the production planning and control. Get to know our technology better!

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