Remote Management: how to lead teams remotely

Gestão Remota: Como liderar equipes operacionais à distância

It is essential for the smooth running of processes that managers are always aware of all situations within the company. However, whether due to a home office, a business trip or any other situation, it is not always possible to be with the employees at all times. For that reason, learning to do good remote management is number one priority!

Although it is not an impossible mission, it is common that many managers are not comfortable discussing the subject. Leading teams from a distance can seem to some to be a complex, inefficient and dangerous task.

However, with well-defined strategies, assertive communication and technology, the challenges fall apart, and managing teams remotely becomes easy, especially when the right methods used to ensure the efficiency of the entire project.

If you want to know how to ensure efficient remote management, check out this blog post for some essential steps!


Set solid goals

Whether in a face-to-face model or not, all companies must present structured and measurable goal plans.

In the case of remote management, due to the physical absence of the manager – or the employee – and the difficulty in establishing directly communication, it is essential that employees are aware of everything that happens, and what are the objectives to be achieve.

This detail will generate a sense of team and commitment, including everyone within a work plan, in addition to allowing employees actively participate in the company’s day-to-day activities.


Pay attention to deadlines

One of the big problems that can happen when remote management is not well done is the loss of competitiveness due to internal factors. Among them, there are late deliveries, bottlenecks in the process and loss of agility.

To avoid that, stay tuned to everything that happens, and monitor the results. Cash management, in fact, can help you a lot in this task! Count on methods like Kanban, spreadsheets and other forms of control to avoid losing everything that happens.


Focus on communication

The impossibility of being face to face with the employee while he speaks does not make dialogue impossible. Currently, we have several means of communication, and it is up to the company to define which one makes the most sense in everyday life.

The tip here is to choose stable models so that contact established easily and immediately. Try to adopt only a few means, as the task becomes complicated when each has a method of communicating.

Another important point to be consider is the issue of corporate or internal communication. When done well, it has the power to encourage employees, reinforce the company’s culture and generate even more commitment to the established goals.


Reinforce the values

Speaking of corporate culture, here is a tip: try to encourage employees by reporting positive results, recent advances and celebrating achievements.

These small acts are extremely important to show employees the importance they have in the company and ensure that they are proud of their efforts, since, due to remote management, many end up discouraging and forgetting the values ​​of the place.


Invest in technology!

When it comes to good people management, technology can be the greatest ally in the process! Therefore, look for systems that help you lead from a distance with precision, such as the indoor geolocation method.

Through RTLS, you are able to track your employees and know exactly where they are and what they are doing. In this way, it is possible to measure the productivity of employees, reallocate teams to supply the lack of work force in some position and cut costs by increasing staff, all from a distance!


How Novidá can help you

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you could even know when each employee arrived and left the customer? With our technology, this is possible!

In addition to all the benefits mentioned, Novidá’s indoor and outdoor geolocation system is also capable of monitoring assets, machines and materials in a flexible, safe and real-time manner so that your process management is excellent!

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