LoRa Network: what is it and what are the applications?

Rede LoRa: o que é e quais são as aplicações?

If you are a lover of everything related to IoT, you must have heard about LoRa network, right?

One of the most popular of the connectivity networks, the radio frequency technology meets the expectations of companies that need signal in places with low RF penetration and seek practicality on a daily basis.

Low energy consumption and the possibility of operating over long distances – 5 km in urban areas and up to 15 km in rural areas! – They give an attractive face to the network, but beware: despite being widely used, before installing the protocol, it is necessary to know that the investment is not the lowest one.

That is because you will need transmission antennas scattered around the environment, in addition to the complete IoT structure. Not to mention that LoRa only communicates with LoRa devices and does not support connections to systems that work with other WiFi, ZigBee and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) portlets.

Still, the cost benefit is worthwhile for businesses that identify with the network and the installation, although somewhat expensive, is not difficult to do.

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LoRa network applications

The protocol is flexible, and serves well-populated areas, as well as rural areas, whose cellular signal has no range.

However, its ability to transmit information is low, which makes the network perform better in applications that use few IoT devices in concentration, in addition to a low rate of information transmission.

Even so, it becomes useful in agriculture, in hospital areas, smart cities and even in business logistics, which seek to automate some processes that do not depend on receiving – or processing – data in a short time (or in real time). ).

To better understand it, transmission frequencies have a directly inverse relationship between distance and transmission capacity. The farther a radio frequency reaches, the less its data transmission capacity.

Do you remember what it was like to surf the internet on your cell phone in the old days, in the famous 2G, and how it is now with 4G? This is the basic logic, since we have many more 4G antennas spread across urban centers while the 2G are in low concentration.

However, if your company is looking for a solution that is low in dependence on providers and has great reach, but does not depend on a relevant volume of information, such as sending temperature information from 200 devices every 15 minutes, it is worth investing in LoRa!

Otherwise, opt for other options already massively available such as 4G/LTE and Wifi.


How Novidá can help you

Ensuring the best connectivity in the 4.0 era is essential to increase competitiveness, optimize process management and start ahead of the competition using practical and cost-effective methods.

Therefore, with the mission of helping companies to reduce costs and easily navigate among the most popular technologies, Novidá has developed precision indoor and outdoor geolocation software, capable of monitoring teams, assets and equipment.

Thanks to the protocols used, the system is able to deliver information in real time that allows you to reallocate employees in a productive way, manage assets in a practical way and end the headaches caused by outdated solutions.

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