5 reasons to believe IoT is here to stay in the industry

IoT Indústria

*Fabio Rodrigues, CEO of Novidá


Understand how IoT, combined with precision geolocation, transforms the way you make decisions to gain efficiency and productivity


Optimizing production processes leads to better recognition of margins to increase efficiency or even to visualize bottlenecks in general. We already know this, but have you ever stopped to think about how you seek to achieve these goals?


Well, we are going through a major global transformation in terms of the way technology can be strategically inserted into the industry, which the technological market today calls Industry 4.0. You may already know the term IoT (Internet Of Things or Internet of Things), right? Much talked about in recent years, this technological aspect brings all of us the opportunity to interact with electronic devices in our daily lives, activating them for actions in our benefit from anywhere in the world. When we think of the concept of IoT applied to industry, it is being called IIot, or Industry Internet Of Things.


According to one recent publication of Wired magazine, one of the most respected in the world, is about improving the monitoring, control and security of everything around us, reducing risk and improving the reliability of our industrial processes. We are experiencing a new industrial revolution, where we have – at last – the opportunity to measure what is really happening in a plant, whether in matters related to machinery, movement of assets, productivity of employees and control over production processes.


When we saw the possibility of bringing this level of excellence to the Brazilian industry, we developed an IoT 100% focused on Industry 4.0. Fortunately, we already have “great people” who believe in the delivery we make. Stefanini, one of the largest providers of technological solutions in the world, is one of them.


But then you might be wondering, what are the practical benefits of IoT based a precision geolocation- in my factory, am I right? Well, thinking about it, I listed the 5 reasons to believe that IoT is here to stay in the industry.


Let’s go to them!

  • The manager has greater control over the employees’ working hours, in addition to easily identifying and predicting eventual maintenance needs;
  • With the permanent monitoring of operations, there is a real chance of sustainable cost reduction and direct productivity gains;
  • Increase in insights and rapid decision-making mechanisms also for Workplace Safety;
  • Management of mobile assets and equipment in real time, with a history of all actions performed and making the PCP real time;
  • Enables real-time inventory of all inputs and products (semi-finished and finished), from production to dispatch.


And how does Novidá’s solution for industry work?


By installing Novidá’s Witooth sensors throughout the plant ‘s entire plant or at strategic points in locations chosen to be monitored, the devices capture and transmit Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more than a dozen geolocation , from cell phones and other wearables with Novidá board, and also from transmitting devices called tags, or the well-known beacons.  


These sensors begin to read the path of employees, machines, equipment, vehicles, products and supplies and the time spent in each of the stages and activities of the production process, understanding their routines from the moment they enter the environment until the moment that leave, creating a unique technological mesh for monitoring assets, products and people in real time for planning activities, optimizing internal processes and financial resources.


Are you ready for the new revolution called Industry 4.0?

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