Indoor Location: Discover the Applications

Geolocalização Indoor: Conheça as aplicações

If your goal is to optimize operations, reduce costs, ensure security and gain a good competitive advantage in the market, it is worth understanding the benefits of indoor geolocation.

Its main mission is to provide access, in real time, to the location of machines, assets and people that you want to monitor so that, based on the crossing and analysis of data, your team makes strategic decisions and can implement the lean and improvement culture to be continued.

To start operating, indoor geolocation uses the Internet of Things and RTLS – beacons, WiFi, ZigBee and other protocols – which makes the system very flexible and adaptable to the most diverse environments and needs.

Although it can be present in almost any application, we list the main ones to show the advantages of technology, and how they can be daily useful.

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Where to apply indoor geolocation?



If your goal is to track people, monitoring makes it possible to relocate teams, send commands in real time to the shop floor and ensure the safety of employees with an automated checklist containing all the information necessary for them to know exactly how to perform a task.

In addition, you will be inside all the movement of materials and machines, being able to trace strategic and more efficient routes to optimize operations.



One of the big advantages here is the cost savings with extra materials. For example: an electrocardiogram is a very expensive mobile device, but it is essential for hospitals. Being on a floor every hour, it is difficult to locate and requires copies.

With the possibility to track it, you reduce costs and significantly reduce the waiting time to get it in an emergency, since you will know, in real time, where the machine will be.

In addition, with technology, your team can identify patients’ journey, understand in which environments the demand for physical and human resources is greatest and where the main bottlenecks are located.



One of the most important areas for the good development of the company! In logistics, geolocation can make work much easier and allow opportunities to be identify.

You can, for example, track a truck and know exactly when it arrives and leaves. On the other hand, monitor internal handling equipment, such as forklifts, and optimize their routes.

Technology also enables operations to carry out with greater quality and efficiency, from the accuracy of the inventory to the distribution of tasks among employees.



Were you surprised? Well, geolocation can also help – a lot – in the management of facilities operations.

This is because you will have total control of everything that happens and will be able to assign resources according to demands, in addition to controlling all teams, from maintenance to cleaning.

Here, it is also a good idea to invest in staff monitoring to find out when each employee arrived or left the client, improving their people management.


How can Novidá help you?

With just a few examples, it was already possible to see how geolocation can generate significant advantages within the business and optimize operations holistically.

To help you embrace this technology, Novidá has developed precision indoor and outdoor geolocation software, working based on different protocols and ensuring security, practicality and flexibility.

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