Cleanliness in the workplace – How to optimize?

Amid the various activities of day-to-day, we often forget details that influence the company’s productivity. Cleanliness in the workplace, for example, can have a major impact on employee performance.

Although it is a subject entirely separate from the main objectives of the business, it cannot be left out. A clean, pleasant and organized environment is essential for employees to have a good experience and perform their duties correctly.


The importance of cleanliness in the work environment

The workplace is one of the spaces where the employee will spend a large part of their day. Just by now you can understand why this environment needs to be well cleaned, right? However, we have separated some other reasons why you should pay attention to the cleanliness of this place:


Ensure the health of employees

If we look at labor rights, the lack of zeal in the hygiene of the workplace will not characterize an environment as “unhealthy”. However, this does not mean that, in practice, employees cannot experience problems caused by improper cleaning.

The accumulation of dirt facilitates the proliferation of viruses and bacteria, which increases the likelihood of generating respiratory diseases in people who live there. In addition to being terrible for the employee’s experience (after all, nobody wants to be sick), the manager still suffers from the increase in absences and sick leave.


Create a more productive environment

Have you ever noticed a good feeling when you are in an organized and pleasant environment? This happens with practically all employees and directly affects productivity. When we are feeling more comfortable, the tendency is to have more organization and focus for work activities.

In addition to motivation, the organization itself helps to be more productive: in an environment where no one knows where a particular tool or document is, the tendency is to waste time looking for materials and, consequently, delay the activities that would need to be carried out.


Improve your image with customers

Keeping a clean work environment is also a marketing strategy: a disorganized or dirty place does not make a good impression on customers and suppliers who visit the space.

If the customer perceives a lack of organization and zeal in the environment, he can deduce that the service / product offered will also not have a good quality, which can even make it difficult to close contracts. Small details that make all the difference.


Tips for optimizing cleanliness in the workplace

At this point, you already understand the importance of worrying about cleaning the work environment, right? But how do you put this into practice and make this process as efficient as possible? To help you on this mission, we have prepared three quick tips:


1- Outsource the activity

Many organizations prefer to take care of cleaning and sanitization internally, usually even with professionals who are not specialized in this area. However, there are companies focused on facilities management, whose core business is to carry out cleaning and sanitation work.

Hiring the service of one of these companies is a good option for those who do not want headaches and want to be more concerned with the work of the company itself than with cleaning in the workplace


2- Use Task Checklist

Whether in an outsourced service or not, another important tip is to create a checklist of activities that those responsible for cleaning will need to perform. That is, divide all the work into stages and define everything that needs to be done to make the environment impeccable.

This will help the cleaning professionals themselves to organize their routine and also organize this whole process.


3- Monitor work

Finally, it is necessary to closely monitor whether the cleaning and sanitizing work is being carried out correctly and with the highest possible quality. There is no point in hiring a company or specialized professionals if you do not know what is actually being done in your environment.

Today there are tools that can monitor the performance of these professionals’ tasks and ensure that they are fulfilled with quality without the manager having to be present in these places.


How does Novidá help improve cleanliness in the workplace?

Novidá has developed an indoor geolocation platform that tracks the movement of professionals within the work environment. Through beacons, IoT sensors and smartphones, we automatically monitor the location of employees during their productive journey, in addition to monitoring the execution of activities.

When the solution is used by cleaning professionals, it is possible to check the execution times of each task, make an evaluation of the performance of each employee, compare performances, check the main bottlenecks and optimize the management of people as a whole.

Companies like Gerdau, FCA and Boticário have already tested our solution and have had great returns on the performance of their operational teams. Download our success cases for free and see how your company can also benefit from the solution!

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